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Meet Dr. Christina Cochran

Starting Out Unsure About Chiropractic

Chiropractor Virginia Beach Dr. Christina CochranA job advertisement for a position in a doctor’s office with no experience needed seemed perfect for Dr. Cochran when she was just 18. She pulled up to the address for her interview, looked up at the sign, and thought, ‘’Oh, no. It’s a chiropractor’s office.” She had seen a chiropractor before and walked away unhappy, feeling as if she did not get any explanations about what the chiropractor was doing, and disliked hearing popping noises during the adjustment.

Though she felt uncertain, she walked in and ended up getting the job. Dr. Cochran had suffered from migraines for years and called in sick one day. The chiropractor recommended that she come in anyway. “I told him I truly could not work, but he said he was going to help me. I thought, what if my migraines had something to do with my back?” The chiropractor took X-rays, showed Dr. Cochran what her X-rays looked like compared to normal ones, asked questions and took her medical history. An adjustment and the use of acupuncture points got rid of the migraine within three hours.

Understanding the Role of Rehabilitation

After working at the chiropractor’s office for three and a half years, Dr. Cochran moved on to a physical therapy office. There, she gained a deep understanding of the importance of physical therapy in helping people get better. Her co-workers saw the knack Dr. Cochran had for working with patients, particularly when she was needed for her Spanish skills. Though she considered becoming a physical therapy assistant, she realized her passion was sharing chiropractic with the world.

Finding the Right Educational Fit

Dr. Cochran researched the best chiropractic college to attend. She had a friend who graduated from Parker University, and while sitting in the audience at her friend’s graduation, Dr. Cochran knew her family would be watching her graduate one day. Parker was conveniently located in Ft. Worth, so she made the two-hour drive every day, each way, to attend. There, she learned seven different chiropractic techniques, such as Diversified, Thompson and Flexion-Distraction. She uses her many skills to give patients a tailored combination of these many approaches.

‘’There was a woman at the student clinic that couldn’t get adjusted. Everyone told me that her muscles were too tight, and no technique would work. I asked her, ‘Has anyone used the Activator® yet?’ Nobody had, so I gave it a try. The patient loved it! She said she’d never felt so good in her life. She followed me to the practices I worked at after graduation because I tried what was best for her, rather than the technique I personally preferred.”

Staying Current on the Latest Research

It’s important to Dr. Cochran that she stay up to date by taking regular continuing education courses. She’s studied clinical nutrition, prenatal chiropractic and has achieved a certification in spinal decompression from the National Decompression Certificate Program. She is looking forward to completing her Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician qualification.

Loving Life in the Virginia Beach Community

Dr. Cochran is the proud wife of Ryan, a Navy chief. She was born and raised in Fort Worth, Texas, but loves calling Virginia Beach home now. Her three sons have been adjusted since childhood, with her youngest, Logan, receiving an adjustment shortly after he was born. Dr. Cochran enjoys all our community has to offer, being near the water and offering great hiking trails at First Landing State Park. She also loves to paint, though she admits she is not a natural artist.

She is a member of the Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce and the United Virginia Chiropractic Association.

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