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Postural Assessments in Virginia Beach

There’s no doubt about it—we are a nation of slouchers, hunched over our computers, phones and tablets. The result: back pain, neck pain, headaches, jaw pain and more. Being slack about our posture also can negatively impact our overall health. Dr. Cochran is passionate about helping her patients at Island Oasis Chiropractic and the community to achieve and maintain proper posture.

Trained to Provide Cutting-Edge Care

Committed to offering her patient community the best in cutting-edge care, she has the following certifications and plans to attain additional ones:

Certified Posture Exercise Professional (CPEP): This certification through has given Dr. Cochran essential tools to help teach her patients how to perform posture exercises correctly.

Posture Archetype: At, patients can take their assessment which tells them what archetype they are and what their goal posture is. “Becoming a Posture Archetype professional has helped me to analyze those posture assessments. For example, one person may sit at a desk all day, another individual stands all day, and yet another person lifts heavy objects all day. It’s not just what they do but how they feel during those daily activities and their body’s response to them.” After providing a postural analysis, she then can offer you a customized posture program.

Posture Expert (through the American Posture Institute): Through this leading posture certification, Dr. Cochran learned the principles of posturology, mastering posture imaging and being able to communicate those to the patients. She has learned how to analyze and correct posture distortion patterns and provide a customized posture program for each patient.

The Five Pillars of Posture

Girl meditating in parkDr. Cochran addresses each of these pillars to help you feel your best and enjoy excellent posture.

  1. Alignment
  2. Balance
  3. Core Control
  4. Flexibility
  5. Breathing

Monthly Workshops

One of the ways we empower patients and members of the community to make good, educated healthcare decisions is through monthly workshops. These are held at the practice on the third Wednesday of each month. Dr. Cochran presents workshops on various topics such as How Postural Correction Contributes to a Healthy Pregnancy and Overcoming Headaches and Neck Pain. These are open to patients and the community.

If your posture could use a tune-up or overhaul, contact Island Oasis Chiropractic
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