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We Can Help

At Island Oasis Chiropractic, all ages and levels of health are welcome. Dr. Cochran has many years of experience in helping a broad range of conditions. Here are some of the common problems we can address:

Chiropractor Virginia Beach We Can Help

  • Disc injuries. Painful and frightening, disc injury can leave you unable to move and with pain or numbness that radiates into your arms and legs. We may be able to help you avoid disc surgery.
  • Colic. Chiropractic can be a tremendous help to new parents who are exhausted from staying up with colicky babies.
  • Extremity work. Chiropractors do not just help your back and neck. Dr. Cochran is well-versed in caring for your whole body, from head to toe.
  • Headaches and migraines. Dr. Cochran herself experienced the incredible impact chiropractic had on her lifelong migraines and can evaluate whether your pain can be helped by chiropractic care.
  • Injury. Often, your general practitioner might send you to one office for X-rays, then to multiple specialists requiring several appointments over an extended period. We can take care of all your needs at our practice in a single visit. If we find we are not the right place for you, we will refer you to another practitioner.
  • Pregnancy. Before, during and after pregnancy, Dr. Cochran can make sure your body is ready to support a growing baby, guiding you all the way through to a successful natural delivery.

We are in-network for many common insurance plans, including Medicare. Book your time with us today!


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